Life moments

Other life moments

You can't always predict what will happen in the future. Life's biggest moments have a way of surprising us. Some are joyful, such as the birth of a child; while others, like redundancy, are stressful. Your finances will inevitably take a hit but you can prepare, to some extent, by reading the articles in this section.

How to survive redundancy

Losing your job can potentially throw all your financial plans off-course but it can also be an opportunity to review and take control of your career and life goals. We look at what you need to know if you are made redundant.

Paying for long term care

With average life expectancy rising, having to address and meet the cost of care in old age is becoming a greater issue for an ever-growing number of people. Given the potential fees involved, it's essential you look at the financial considerations. We outline what you need to know.

Moving abroad

Leaving the UK to start a new life abroad might seem like a hugely exciting prospect. But before you depart you’ll need to consider the financial implications of your move overseas. We look at what you need to know.

Learn the investment essentials

After you retire, you need to make sure you’re managing your savings effectively. One of the biggest challenges is working out what impact the pension tax rules will have on your income. The articles in this section will help you avoid making any costly mistakes.

Be a better investor

Already investing? Find out what else we offer and how to make your money work best for you.

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