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How to videos - Managing your account

This section contains some helpful videos that look at managing your account from day to day. From logging in for the first time to understanding how our fees work, you’ll find helpful tips on getting familiar with Smart Investor.

How to open an account

It all starts with opening an account. Learn how you can get up and running with this video introduction.

Logging into your Smart Investor account

If you’re just getting started, this video will show you how to log in for the first time and how to begin using Smart Investor.

How to get from your online banking account to Smart Investor

One of the key features of Smart Investor is that you can see all your accounts – your savings and your investments – in one place, with a single log in. Here’s how to do it.

How do our fees work?

Our new fee structure means that what you pay is clearer and easier to understand. You’ll pay a single monthly customer fee plus straightforward transaction fees. You can see how they work here.

How to pay your fees

It’s easy to pay your regular fees online. In this short video guide, we’ll explore the ways you can choose to pay.

How to set your preferences

Setting your preferences online tells us how you’d like us to contact you with alerts and important documents. Find out how to do it in this video.

How to retrieve your membership number or reset passcode

If you’ve lost or forgotten your Smart Investor log in details, watch this short video to retrieve or reset the details.

Updating your account details and going paperless

It’s important to keep your account details up to date – here’s how to do it. You’ll also find out how to choose paperless communications, which means less filing and less waste.

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