Terms and Conditions

Transfer Out Charges levied by your existing provider

1.1. Barclays will, subject to the terms set out in this clause 1, reimburse customers for any charges levied by their existing provider subject to any cap set out in clause 1.3 (“Transfer Out Charges”) as a result of transferring Assets to a Barclays Investment ISA or Barclays Investment Account.

1.2. Barclays reserves the right to cease or amend the terms relating to reimbursing customers for Transfer Out Charges without a period of notice, but not so as to affect any agreement made to reimburse customers for Transfer Out Charges.

1.3. Barclays will reimburse customers up to £500.

1.4. Barclays will only reimburse Transfer Out Charges where a customer has provided satisfactory evidence to Barclays that it has paid Transfer Out Charges. Barclays will act reasonably when it determines if evidence received is satisfactory for these purposes. Send proof of fees to Barclays, Transfers, PO Box 27127.

1.5. Barclays will reimburse Transfer Out Charges within 30 days of receiving satisfactory evidence of payment of Transfer Out Charges in accordance with clause 1.4.

1.6. Refunds of Transfer Out Charges will be paid into the current account that is linked to your investment account.


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