Transferring your investments

Once you’ve opened either a Barclays Investment ISA or Investment Account, you can move your investments across in just four simple steps:

1. Select provider

Choose the provider you are moving from

2. Select investments

Choose the investments you want

3. Review

Check your choices are correct

4. Confirm

Tell us you are happy to proceed

Transferring your investments can seem daunting, but when you invest with us, you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by a Smart Investor account. These include transparent and straightforward fees, a cutting edge user-friendly platform and access to essential tools and resources.

Before you transfer

Before transferring your investments, find out about any charges, exit penalties, benefits you may lose or investments that you can’t transfer to us. We’ll rebate transfer-out charges up to a maximum of £500. You can view the terms and conditions of this offer here.

Transferring in cash

If you’re transferring cash after selling your investments and maybe planning to repurchase them, remember you’ll be ‘out of the market’ for a time. That means you’ll miss out on any rise in value and on any income from these investments during that period. You’d also miss out on any corporate actions such as rights issues and on voting rights as well as any Shareholders’ benefits, for example, discounts on services, which you may not receive on the same terms when you repurchase the shares.

There’ll be dealing charges to sell and repurchase investments. If you make capital gains outside of ISAs that exceed your annual allowances, you’ll need to pay capital gains tax. Remember, tax rules can and do change and their effects on you will depend on your individual circumstances.

Transferring existing investment holdings

There’ll be a period during the transfer when you won’t be able to sell existing investment holdings. How long this period lasts will depend on the assets you hold, but it may also be affected by how quickly the broker you’re transferring from can carry out the transfer and whether it’ll accept an order to sell while making the transfer. There may also be delays in receiving dividends, other income and information, as well as delays to exercising shareholder concessions or receiving notification of voting rights or corporate actions, such as rights issues. These could affect your ability to respond where deadlines are shorter.

Transfer to our Investment ISA

You can transfer your existing investment and/or cash Individual Savings Account (ISAs) to a Barclays Investment ISA quickly and easily.

Transferring your ISAs doesn’t affect their tax-efficient status, however, tax rules can change in the future and their value to you will vary depending on your individual circumstances.

Bed and ISA

A ‘Bed and ISA’ transaction is when you sell investments that you’re holding outside an ISA, then buy the same investments back within your ISA.

Transfer to our Investment Account

You can transfer any individual investments or whole accounts you have into our Investment Account.

Lodge paper shares electronically

Transfer your share certificates to a Barclays Investment Account and make it easier to keep track of their performance.

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