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Our fees explained

We’ve changed our fees so that they’re more transparent and so you can see clearly what you’re paying for.

The customer fee is a single fee that will cover the investments held across all of your individual Smart Investor accounts. We’ve removed our account administration charges, so you’ll pay one monthly customer fee that covers all of your individual accounts.

You’ll also pay a straightforward transaction fee each time you buy or sell an investment.

Overall, most of our customers will pay less or roughly the same as they do now.

If you have a SIPP, your Barclays customer fees calculation will include the assets held within the SIPP wrapper. You’ll need to remember there’s an AJ Bell Administration Fee of £125 pa + VAT on top of this also.

Why not try our cost calculator and see how much you’d pay on Smart Investor?

What’s the value of your investment portfolio in each of your accounts?

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With Smart Investor you’ll hold your portfolio in an Investment ISA, in an Investment Account, or both.

Find out more about our investment accounts.

How much does it cost?

With Smart Investor you pay a customer fee that covers the costs of running your account, plus a simple transaction fee each time you deal. Depending on your investments, you may also have third party fund management fees. We’ve worked hard to make Smart Investor’s fees straightforward, transparent and competitive.

To understand how our fees compare, you can use our quick and easy calculator. This is powered by Compeer Limited, an independent research firm. The costs you’ll see are estimated using assumptions about your typical investment activity. These are outlined in the FAQ below.

If you have a SIPP, your Barclays customer fees calculation will include the assets held within the SIPP wrapper. You’ll need to remember there’s an AJ Bell Administration Fee of £125 pa + VAT on top of this also.

Always keep in mind that investments can fall in value, so you could get back less than you invest. We don’t offer advice or make personal recommendations, so if you’re not sure whether investing is right for you, seek independent advice.


Who produces these cost estimates?

All calculations have been provided by Compeer Limited, an independent research firm specialising in the UK Wealth Management and Stockbroking sector. Compeer has carefully investigated and verified the information provided but can’t undertake any guarantee or liability for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the information contained.

Why is this only an estimate of your costs?

The Cost Calculator is designed to be quick and easy, so it uses Compeer’s assumptions about typical investor activity (listed below). These cost estimates are only intended as a helpful guide.

  • All non-fund investments are split 95% in UK equities and 5% in ETFs
  • If funds are included in the portfolio, for every 9 UK equity trades there are 3 fund trades and 1 ETF trade. If no funds are included, it’s assumed there is 1 ETF trade for every 9 UK equity trades. This ratio scales proportionally depending on how many trades you select in the calculator
  • The average trade size is £6,740 for a UK equity trade and £18,060 for an ETF or fund trade. If the invested assets are valued at less than these average values, then the trade size is the full value of the chosen type of investment. For example, if £5,000 is allocated to UK equities, the average UK equity trade will be £5,000
  • Costs are based on a full calendar year and assume the value and composition of your portfolio remain consistent throughout this period. Trades are also spread evenly across the year
  • It’s also assumed that no trading activity has occurred on the account prior to the start of the year.

Costs don’t include stamp duty, regular investment discounts or temporary pricing offers. Other third party fees and taxes may apply.

Please note the Costs and Charges associated with having a Smart Investor account may change depending on the type of asset you choose to invest in. For examples of these please look at the Costs and Charges disclosure document [PDF, 638KB].

How are third party manager fees estimated?

To estimate third party manager fees, Compeer calculates an average cost for the 5 most popular funds and ETFs across the execution-only stockbroking industry. The third party management fee is then calculated as follows: Assets held in funds x Average fund ongoing charge + Assets held in ETFs x Average ETF ongoing charge.

The following top 5 funds have an average charge of 0.818%:

LF Lindsell Train UK Equity (Class D) (0.70%), Fundsmith Equity (Class I) (0.97%), Baillie Gifford Global Discovery (Class B) (0.79%), Marlborough UK Micro-Cap Growth (class P) (0.79%), Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond (Class Y) (0.84%)

The following top 5 ETFs have an average charge of 0.266%:

iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF (DIST) (0.07%), ETFS Metal Securities Ltd Physical Gold (0.39%), Vanguard Funds S&P 500 UCITS ETF (0.07%), iShares FTSE UK Dividend Plus (0.40%), iShares plc FTSE 250 (0.40%)

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