Clare Francis

Clare is a director of Savings and Investments, having joined Barclays in October 2015. Her background is in financial journalism with over 15 years’ experience of covering consumer finance. Clare started her career at The Times in 1999. She moved to the Independent on Sunday where she was Deputy Personal Finance Editor and then became Assistant Money Editor at the Sunday Times.

Before joining Barclays, Clare was Editor-in-Chief and Head of Consumer Affairs at MoneySuperMarket. She was one of MoneySuperMarket’s main spokespeople, regularly appearing on TV and radio as a consumer finance expert.

Understanding IPOs

Clare interviews Alastair Thaw, Director at Smart Investor, on the subject of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) – what they are, the advantages and disadvantages, and what you need to consider before deciding to invest.

How currency movements can affect you

Clare took to the streets to find out how people have been affected by changes in the value of the pound, before discussing the three key factors influencing currency movements.

Investment jargon explained

Clare breaks down some of the common jargon you'll come across in the world of investments. From ETF to ROFL, we tackle what you need to know.

Our investment principles explained

Clare brings our investment principles to life in this episode. Including some key things to consider before you get started, some tips to follow when you're making your first investment decisions, and the importance of staying invested for the long-term through market ups and downs.

Where do you get started with investing?

In this episode, Clare talks through some of the things to consider once you've decided you're ready to invest. Like what level of risk are you comfortable taking? Are you looking for income, growth or a bit of both? Do you want a Ready-made Investment, to choose your own funds, or shares?

Get to grips with investment risk

In this episode, Clare interviews Dr. Peter Brooks, Barclays' Head of Behavioural Finance, to find out how perception of risk influences our decision making when investing.

Understanding inflation

In this episode, Clare talks through how inflation impacts savings and investments. Clare also analyses a recent poll run by Barclays to find out if the public is worried about rising inflation, and shares some tips on how to deal with it.

What do millennials think about investing?

The generation born roughly between 1980 and 2000, now aged in their late teens to late thirties, are often choosing to stay at home longer, not get married, and to have children later, if at all. But how do these life choices influence their investment decisions? We explore what motivates millennials when it comes to their finances, what their priorities are when choosing investments, and how these choices differ from older generations.

Get to grips with regular investing

In this episode, Clare discusses what you need to know about regular investing; why you might want to consider investments rather than holding cash, and takes to the streets of London to find out what the public thinks about investing.

ISA flexibility

New rules that took effect in April 2016 mean ISAs are more flexible than ever. You can now withdraw money and return it in the same tax year, without it affecting that year's allowance. In this video, Clare Francis explains how the rules work, as well as what you'll need to consider before using the new flexibility. Remember, tax rules can change and their benefit to you depends on your circumstances.

Lowdown on ISAs

In this, the first episode, Clare tackles the subject of ISAs. They're now more flexible than ever, but in recent years, with the personal savings allowance and tax-free dividend allowance offering attractive non-ISA tax savings, are the perks of the Individual Savings Account still worthwhile? Clare gives the lowdown on just what an ISA can offer you in 2017-18.

Stock market volatility with Clare Francis, Dr. Peter Brooks and Will Hobbs

Watch Clare Francis, director of Savings and Investments, explore the concept of stock market volatility – what it means, why it happens and how best to deal with it. Clare is joined in the studio by Will Hobbs – Head of Investment Strategy for Europe and Dr Peter Brooks – Head of Behavioural Finance. In a critical look at volatility in changing markets, they explore why it makes investors nervous and why it's important to think long term.

Why the savings gap can’t be ignored

The majority of people in the UK recognise the value and importance of saving. But a lack of awareness and understanding means many are at risk of not saving adequately for the future. This must be addressed now.

Options in a low interest rate environment

Rock bottom interest rates are tough on savers. Clare Francis, Director of Savings and Investments, explores what options are available in today's low interest rate environment.